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Ideas for cooking cod and haddock

Order skinless or skin-on fillet

4-500g will serve two or three depending on how hungry they are

Preheat oven to 180C gas mark 4

Use one of the toppings below

Cheddar cod

Breadcrumbs, dry English mustard and Cheddar cheese

Cod with almonds

Flaked almonds and small knobs of butter, drizzle with lemon juice

Herb crusted cod

Breadcrumbs, finely chopped thyme or marjoram and olive oil

Then bake for about 20 minutes, using non-stick paper (baking parchment) to make life easy.

Cod and haddock are quite pale in colour so serve with colourful vegetables, like tomatoes, red peppers, fresh peas, sauté potatoes or chips, or a salad.