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Grilled salmon

Salmon is so delicious that there is no point in cooking it in a complicated way both these recipes are really simple.

Youll need

one skinless salmon fillet or salmon steak

for each person

salt and pepper

some parsley for decoration

about a couple of teaspoons of melted butter for each piece of salmon

a lemon cut into wedges for decorating the salmon

1. preheat the grill

2. grease the pan or line the bottom of it with greased baking foil (throw the foil away afterwards saves washing up!)

3. put the salmon into the grill pan

4. brush or pour the melted butter over the salmon

5. grill the first side for 3 minutes

6. turn the salmon, pour or brush the other half of the butter over and grill the second side for 5 or 8 minutes until it is cooked try one piece by parting the salmon with a small sharp knife to see if it is cooked right through to the middle

7. serve the salmon onto a warmed dish with the cooking juices poured over, decorate with parsley and lemon wedges

8.this dish is ideal served with a green salad and new potatoes or baked potatoes with lots of butter!


Baked salmon parcels

Youwill need

Salmon one skinless salmon fillet portion per person

A couple of small pats of butter for each piece of salmon

Approximately half a lemon for each piece of fish

Some herbs fresh, freeze-dried or dried, such as parsley, thyme, lemon grass, tarragon, etc, enough for a sprinkling on each piece of salmon keep to one herb

Plus another lemon cut up for decoration, and salt and pepper

Some squares of baking foil, enough to wrap each piece of salmon in

How do you cook the salmon?

1. First turn th eoven on to 180C, 350F or Gas 3

2. Put a pat of butter on each square of foil

3. Put a piece of salmon onto the pat of butter

4. Sprinkle herbs over the salmon, enough to make a fair covering, but not so that the salmon is completely covered or the taste of herbs will be too strong

5. Add a dash of salt and pepper

6. Squeeze the juice of about a quarter lemon onto each piece of fish

7. Put the other pat of butter on top of the fish

8. Wrap the foil around the fish and loosely seal

9.Put into the oven when it is up to temperature, bake for about 30 minutes

10.It is done when the fish has gone opaque righ tthrough to the middle try one piece with a sharp pointed knife.

Serve each piece still in its baking foil jacket, or better still, take out and serve onto a warmed plate and decorate with lemon wedges. This goes well with a green salad or a green vegetable, and new or boiled potatoes

If you wrap the salmon in a double thickness of foil, you can cook this recipe over a barbeque!

Salmon pté

If there are any leftovers, it is easy to make salmon pté  put the cooked salmon plus about the same volume of fromage frais into a blender and blend until smooth - serve with brown bread and butter and lemon slices. Easy!

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