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You will need

4-6 clams for each person, depending on whether this is a main dish or a starter,
olive oil,
garlic (or chopped onion if you don’t like garlic),
salt and pepper,

plus breadcrumbs if you would like a crunchy topping

Preheat grill to hot
Wash clams under cold water
Cook clams in their shells in melted butter
Remove from pan as they open
Discard any that don't open
Throw away one half of each complete shell
Put clam back into remaining half shell
Arrange in shallow heat-proof dish or plate
Mash up some butter, olive oil, garlic (or chopped onion), chopped parsley and salt and pepper
Put a little on each shell (and some breadcrumbs if you’d like a crunchy topping), and grill until butter is melted  and slightly browned
If this is a main meal serve with a green salad

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