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Red Hot Cockles

For 2 or 3 as a starter

250g cooked cockles

One finely sliced red chilli

Four finely sliced spring onions, including part of the green tops

Four finely sliced sundried tomato pieces or two finely sliced pieces of red peppers in oil (the ones in a jar)

One finely sliced garlic clove

Two tablespoons of olive oil

Some chopeed parsley to garnish

Mix all the ingredients together, except the cockles and parsley.

Microwave on high for 2 minutes.
Add the cockles and cook on HIGH for a further 1-2 minutes.
Sprinkle with the parsley and serve immediately as a starter with bread, for example ciabatta bread, we used strips of garlic and coriander naan bread.

This recipe was from Seafish, but we took the photograph!


Get to know these "old-fashioned” shellfish!

We usually sell cooked cockles at The Smelly Alley Fish Company, they are the easiest!

If you would like live cockles we can get them for you, just ring 0118 939 3076.

They are cooked in the same way as mussels or clams.  The way of checking that live cockles are fit to eat is the same as for clams and mussels – if the shells open or close when tapped, they are alive and good to eat. Discard any that don’t move. They often carry a lot of grit in their grooved shells, so if you order live cockles, rinse them well. Cook by steaming them, or cooking them in the same way as our mussel recipe – in white wine. They are cooked when the shells have opened for a few minutes, don’t overcook them.

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