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Squid Recipe | The Smelly Alley Fish

Cooking squid
is easy! It takes just a couple of minutes at the mo
st, however you cook it.
Unless you are used to preparing squid, let us do it for you because there's a lot of very dark ink that you have to avoid if you prepare it yourself!
So order cleaned squid, or squid that's cut into rings, both delivered with the tentacles.
Squid does not have a strong flavour, so it's ideal to ser
ve with garlic, herbs or chilli.
Try it on the barbecue, for this order cleaned squid. The only work you have to do is to s
core the body with a sharp knife, it lets the squid cook evenly and it looks good when cooked. A couple of minutes maximum is enough for squid on the barbecue. Have ready some lemon juice, or olive oil with a few flakes of chilli and garlic in it, to serve.
Squid cooked like this looks good, tastes good and everybody will love it.
Try squid fried in this light batter, it's what is meant when you see calamari on a menu, but much better cooked at home!

For this recipe order fresh squid rings delivered with the tentacles.

The batter is made from
1 small bottle of lager or the equivalent amount of fizzy bottled water
100g of self-raising flour
a pinch of paprika pepper, dry mustard or cayenne pepp
salt and pepper

Mix the ingredients with a whisk, and it's ready to go. Dip the squid in flour before you d
ip it in the batter, then it adheres better. This is best cooked in deep oil, but you can shallow fry.

Hot and spicy squid

This recipe takes only 15 minutes from start to finish - cook the accompanying rice or noodles while you are cooking the squid to save time. Serves two.

about 500g of squid order cleaned squid to make your life easy - cut into chunks, about 2 cm
one red pepper cut into 2 cm pieces

one green pepper cut into 2 cm pieces
one large onion cut into 2 cm pi
one or two courgettes cut into 2 cm pieces

Half a tin of chopped tomatoes
one or two
tablespoons soft brown sugar
a knob of butter
the juice of a lemon
about four or five tablespoons of Worcester sauce
olive oil for frying
rice or noodles to serve

Heat the olive oil in a large pan or wok, and cook the onions  and peppers for five minutes. 
Then add all the cut-up ingredients except the squid. Turn up heat and add remaining ingredients except the squid. Cook for a maximum of five minutes, stirring frequently. Add the squid and cook for a maximum 2 minutes. 

Serve with rice or noodles

You can add other ingredients that you think suitable, such as yellow peppers, leeks, grated ginger, some chilli sauce, etc.

Other ways of cooking squid: fry the tentacles and rings in olive oil with finely sliced chilli and garlic for just a few minutes. Serve with some of the oil and crusty bread.

Or try this. Stuffed squid - stuff squid bodies with the chopped tentacles and chopped onion, pine nuts, herbs and rice (and other ingredients such as chorizo - it's up to you!). Bake in a tomato sauce for 15 minutes. 
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