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Whelk recipe | The Smelly Alley Fish


If you buy live whelks cook them by boiling them. Don’t cook them for more than 10 minutes or they will be rubbery. They are great eaten warm.

If you buy cooked whelks warm them in boiling water for a few minutes because they are always best eaten warm.

Our best recipe is simple – serve with mayonnaise stirred with crushed garlic and chopped parsley. 5 or 6 make a good starter, so one of our portions of 200g will serve two or three. Just arrange them on a plate with the mayonnaise, sprinkle some mild chilli powder or smoked paprika on the mayonnaise and add a slice of toasted brown bread. Couldn’t be easier!

We’ve seen lots of other recipes, for example for minced whelks in a fish burger and stir fried with red peppers, but we think the simpler the better.

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