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Winkle recipe | The Smelly Alley Fish


They belong to the periwinkle family and some people call them periwinkles. We’ve got no idea why periwinkle flowers, which have an attractive blue colour, have the same name.

We usually sell cooked winkles, in the shell. They just need putting in boiling water for a few minutes to heat them. If we have live winkles they are worth buying! These need just 3-4 minutes boiling to cook them.

To eat them you need to extract the meat from the shell, and this is best done with a pin or cocktail stick. Discard the little black cap that comes out with the meat, it’s just a piece of shell. If you want to make them look really shiny, roll them with a few drops of oil – olive oil for example.

The best way to enjoy them is to eat them as they are, although you can dip them in vinegar or mayonnaise.

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