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Salt herring recipe | The Smelly Alley Fish Company

Another recipe from The Smelly Alley Fish Company!

Salt  herrings

A great recipe kindly contributed by one of our customers.

Wash the herring fillets, trim them a little and then pat dry on kitchen paper.

Pack them in lots of rock salt in large sealable plastic containers and leave in the fridge.

The salt draws the water out of the fish and flavours and firms up the fish. If the fillets look like they are floating in brine after a day then there's not enough salt in the containers.

A day before they're needed, take the fillets needed out, wash them in water and leave them to soak in in fresh water for a while to get rid of as much of the excess salt as possible.

Then chop into to bite-sizes, layer in a dish between layers of sliced onions, whole peppercorns, coriander seeds and some yellow mustard seeds.

For the marinade use plain white distilled vinegar with a little caster sugar dissolved - pour this over and leave the dish in the fridge overnight.