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Saltfish or bacalhau 500g

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Saltfish or bacalhau 500g

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The Smelly Alley Fish Company  bacalao, bacalhau, morue, saltfish:

Saltfish is made from various varieties of cod: cod, ling, saithe and tusk. It's a dried and salted fish which keeps all the good qualities of fresh fish - only the water has been removed. Soak them out to make wonderfully soft fish cakes. Traditionally eaten in Spain, Portugal and the West Indies.  The cod that was salted to make bacalhau was originally caught off the Grand Banks of Nova Scotia, they were too far away from the UK to keep the cod fresh, so it was salted.  The Portuguese and Spanish did the same, hence the popularity of salt cod in Portugal and Spain.

In Spanish bacalao, in Portuguese bacalhau, in French morue, in English saltfish.

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