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Samphire 100g

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Samphire 100g

Buy online samphire from a real traditional fishmonger!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company samphire and how to eat it:

This samphire is fresh crisp, salty marsh grass, it is marvellous quality. 

It won't stand up to freezing, so if you want to serve it fresh, don't buy frozen samphire.

Eat it raw, on its own or in a salad, or steamed like asparagus. It looks good as a garnish for fish dishes. Samphire is around from late spring to summer, the samphire we have at the moment is from France, and it is prime quality. It's very light in weight, so a little goes a long way.

Wild samphire has just come into season. In the early part of the season samphire can be eaten raw, just rinse and serve, and eat everything. In the later part of the season it grows a central more woody part, so strip the samphire with your teeth - it's part of the enjoyment of eating samphire!

If you like it cooked, it only needs to be put into boiling water or steamed for 2 or 3 minutes maximum, then drain and put into iced water, drain again and serve cold. Serve hot by omitting the iced water stage, or cook very briefly in hot olive oil or butter. Steaming or boiling removes some of the salt, if you prefer a more salty dish, cook it in the oil or butter. You can add variations of capers, chopped crisp bacon, mushrooms or herbs. It goes well with fish, and lots of restaurants serve fish on a bed of samphire.

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