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What is scampi? It is the tail of a crustacean, the langoustine, which is related to the lobster, . We’ve included them here because they are sold shelled, either as they are, or breaded. These are not reformed tails made from other fish, they are authentic scampi tails with low ice glaze.

Find out about the difference between scampi, lobsters, crayfish and crawfish.

Buy real scampi from us, not reformed scampi

You’ll see reformed scampi for sale in fish and chip shops or restaurants as “scampi and chips”, but you’ll be getting authentic scampi if you order scampi from us. If you use oven chips, real scampi and chips is such a great meal to serve at home, especially if you serve it with tartare sauce, even better, home-made tartare sauce.

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Scampi - this is real scampi, just right for home made scampi and chips