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There are two types of smoked haddock - traditional yellow smoked haddock or "yellow fish" and natural smoked haddock. The colour in yellow smoked haddock is a dye, it is now turmeric, but it has been onion skins and tartrazine in the past. If you don't mind your fish dyed, this is the original traditional smoked haddock. The dye is a colour, not a taste, so if you want a more subdued type of smoked haddock, go for what is called "natural" smoked haddock. It still has a colour, but it is from the smoking, not from a dye.

How to cook Smoked Haddock - yellow or natural

Smoked Haddock is not smoked enough to be cooked, so cook it in milk in the microwave (the easiest way) or poached in milk on the hob.

Natural smoked haddock or "yellow fish" are usually used for Cullen skink (smoked haddock chowder) these days, but Finnan haddocks are the traditional ingredient.

Smoked haddock is an ingredient of kedgeree. Other ways of serving - it can be served on its own or with a poached egg on top, for breakfast or for supper. Don't forget the bread and butter!

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Smoked Haddock, yellow or natural, a great breakfast or supper dish!

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