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Buy online sprats from a traditional fishmonger!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company sprat information:

Sprats are very seasonal, from about the end of August to March, but they start getting really good in October and fade off in February. If you see them on sale in supermarkets out of this time period they will be frozen sprats. Join our E-MAIL LIST and we'll email you every year when they arrive.

Sprats are the same fish as whitebait, but bigger - Sprattus sprattus. If you order breaded whitebait they might be any of a number of small fish.

One of our (retired) fishmongers used to cook them on a very thin bed of salt in a hot oven until they were browned and then ate them, bones and all, but not the head. If you grill them, which is a good way of cooking them, it's a good idea to line the grill pan with foil, saves cleaning! You can cut three-quarter-way through at the base of the head and pull the head off, this will gut them as well. Or ask us to do this when you order, there is a space to put special requirements when you get near to finalising your order. Sprats are a great source of Omega 3.

Barbecueing is another good way of cooking them, but unluckily they coincide with the colder weather, but nothing to stop you putting them on the barbecue and eating them inside. We've seen lots of recipes for sprats with mustard sauce, a quick way of making this is to mix together creme fraiche, a few chopped spring onions, dry English mustard powder and sugar.

Sprats out of season? Try whitebait or sardines.