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Sprattus sprattus

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Sprats are a real favourite, it's a pity they are seasonal! A late summer to winter fish.

You can't beat Cornish fish!

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If you know Sprats, you will like them!

Be aware that they are seasonal  the season starts in late summer to early autumn and goes on to about February.  If you find a source to order fresh sprats online outside of these months, they will be frozen, not fresh sprats.

Sprats are small oily fish that are found in all the seas around Europe. They are from the same family as anchovies and herrings. Sprats are oily fish, rich in Omega 3 and the bones are a good source of calcium. 

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It is traditional to eat sprats whole, without gutting. If you have the patience you can gut them, but it will need some time! Flour them and deep fry. Cook them well, then you can eat everything, bones and all. Serve with brown bread and butter. 

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