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Traditional yellow smoked haddock fillet 180g

(Code: 2011)
Skin-on or skinless yellow smoked haddock : Skin on
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This is what many of our customers call "yellow fish", it's traditional dyed smoked haddock. Yellow Fish is smoked haddock fillet that's specially cured for us in Hull with a natural colouring. Originally this was tartrazine (E102), then onion skins, now it's turmeric. Order Smoked Haddock Fillets in 180g portions, which we cut ourselves from large, thick fillets, with the pin bones removed so eating this fillet should be all pleasure and no pain - nothing guaranteed!. You can order as many or as few portions as you want, no need to order a minimum of 1kg.

How to cook Natural Smoked Haddock

Smoked Haddock is not smoked enough to be cooked, so cook it in milk in the microwave (the easiest way) or poached in milk on the hob. Even if you feel you'd prefer undyed smoked haddock, some of our customers like the nostalgia of a supper of traditional "yellow fish" with brown bread and butter.  A great way of getting children to eat fish. Not frozen.

Here's some information on how to cook smoked haddock, including a recipe for smoked haddock pate. If you make smoked salmon pate as well, the two look good together as a starter. Or try this recipe for Cullen skink, or smoked haddock chowder.

Order skin on or skinless fillet from the list below.

Code Skin-on or skinless yellow smoked haddock  Price   
2011  Skin on  5.10 Details Buy
2291  Skinless  5.40 Details Buy