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Gurnards | The Smelly Alley Fish Company

No, not a firm of solicitors!

They are all types of gurnard.

Gurnards are an ugly fish with a big head, so the yield is correspondingly small. When we used to get fish from Grimsby, gurnards were called “latchets” and this also seems to be a name used in Australia. Tubs have a fatter face than other gurnards, but you probably wouldn’t notice if you weren’t a gurnard connoisseur. Gurnards are usually red, but you can get all shades from black to red. Tubs are often yellow, with blue on their pectoral fins that fan out like wings.

When it comes to eating, gurnards are in favour at the moment because they are sustainable and because they taste nice! Nothing better than gurnard goujons!