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Turbot Online

The Smelly Alley Fish Company

Psetta maxima

buy turbot online

Buy Turbot online from the UK's leading fishmonger

Turbot is a highly-prized flat fish, valued for its great delicate flavour and the fact that it doesn’t dry out as much as other white fish when cooked.

Our islands are surrounded by shallow seas with sandy bottoms, just what turbot like. 

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Farmed turbot are available, but we sell only wild turbot.

We like turbot cooked whole, but we will fillet them for you if that’s your preference.

Turbot are great fish if you want a touch of luxury, they won’t disappoint, they come highly recommended! Try Dover Soles and John Dory as well.

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Free Delivery over £50, that's over £20 if you live in the Reading area

Highly prized, many think Turbot is the best of the flatfish