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Whole wild seabass 1kg

£ 27.00
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Whole wild seabass 1kg

Buy online wild seabass from a traditional fishmonger!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company: wild seabass information.

A complicated fishing ban was imposed from 1st February 2016, but wild sea bass is obtainable from some sea areas, and we've got some at the moment. This is day-boat bass. The ban has had an unfortunate effect on the price! 

One of the best tast
ing fish in the sea. If you have only ever had farmed bass, although both wild and farmed are good, the depth of flavour is so much more in wild bass - you'll love it! BEST ... CORNISH ... FRESH ...  WILD ... DAY-BOAT FISHED!

Bake or roast whole for the nicest looking fish on a plate, or order wild seabass fillets - we fillet whole fish for you (scroll down for these). If you are having a dinner party one or two seabass will be an impressive centrepiece to your dinner table. From Newlyn, hook and line caught, tagged. We don't have many of these, so please order as soon as possible, they won't be around for long, they are selling well in the fishmongers in Reading.

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