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Wild black sea bream 380g

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Wild bream are coming in a bit smaller than our usual, these are 380g. Yes, the price has gone down, too! One fish will serve two, but a fish each would be better! From this size you will get about 210g of sea bream to eat.

Your wild bream will arrive scaled and cleaned, with the head on. If you'd like fillets, we will fillet the wild bream for you. Here's where to find wild sea bream fillets.

Wild sea bream are usually only plentiful in the spring - so take advantage of these wonderful Cornish fish! Now that fishing of wild bass has nearly come to a halt for the next seven years, making them hard to source, these make a very good substitute, or as our fishmongers say, they are better than wild bass.

How to cook Sea bream 

Bream is a versatile fish - bake or steam. Baking can be on a barbecue if you wrap it in several layers of foil. If steaming your wild bream, cut a square of cooking foil, add a dash of olive oil and some herbs - fresh or dried thyme is good. Put the bream on top and wrap tightly, then put the wrapped bream into a steamer over boiling water. 20 minutes should cook them perfectly. Wild bream are great served with very small crunchy roast potatoes a wedge of lemon and a green salad. Find a recipe for baked bream.

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