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Wild seabass fillets 400g

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Wild sea bass fillets from a traditional high street fishmonger

Wild bass is one of the best tasting fish in the sea. If you have only ever had farmed bass (although both wild and farmed are good), the depth of flavour is so much more in wild bass - you'll love it! Two fillets of wild seabass, pin boned and scaled so that all you get is the fish. 

Bass from the northeast Atlantic, hook and line caught, landed in Cornwall.

How do you cook wild seabass fillets?

Try marinading wild bass fillets in lemon or lime juice for a couple of hours in the fridge before cooking.   They are good fried for a few minutes so that the skin crisps up, before finishing in the oven.  This makes it easy to remove the skin when the fish is served.  We don't have many of these wild bass because of fishing restrictions, so please order as soon as possible, they won't be around for long, they are selling well in the fishmongers in Reading. Contact us if you need more information about bass.

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