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Winkles 500g

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Winkles are an underestimated shellfish

Winkles are very popular in thefishmongers in Reading. They are snail-like shellfish, small and dark coloured - see photos.Order these fresh boiled winkles and have a real treat! You need a pin orcocktail stick to pick out the winkles from the shells – that’s thewinklepicker, after which fashionable shoes are still called! Dip the winkle inmayonnaise or melted butter – good with brown bread and butter, or just ontheir own. Make an old-fashioned winkle sandwich, add them to a salad or justeat them sprinkled with vinegar. There’s more about how to cook and eat winkles here.

Periwinkles or winkles order now from The Smelly Alley FishCompany in Reading

We've just found out they arecalled willicks in the northeast!

This amount (500g) is a portion, or would serve two as asnack. If you'd like live winkles, ring us on 0118 939 3076, we can usually getthem in.

Many years ago the manager of the local cinema came intothe fishmongers and asked us not to sell any more winkles to a particularcustomer. He said she ate them in the cinema where she had a front circle seat,and dropped the empty shells onto the people below.

Other traditional shellfish to try – whelksand cockles.