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Winkles 500g

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Winkles 500g

Buy online winkles from a real traditional fishmonger!

The Smelly Alley Fish Company winkles and how to eat them:

Winkles are an underestimated shellfish. We've just found out they are called willicks in the northeast.

These are very tasty, fresh boiled winkles. Get them out of their shells with a pin (no pins supplied!). This amount (500g) is a portion, or would serve two as a snack. Eat as they are (no need to heat them) and serve with vinegar. If you'd like live winkles, ring us on 0118 939 3076, we can usually get them in.

Many years ago the manager of the local cinema came into the fishmongers and asked us not to sell any more winkles to a particular customer. He said she ate them in the cinema where she had a front circle seat, and dropped the empty shells onto the people below.

Try whelks and cockles as well!

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