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Winkles are very popular in the fishmongers in Reading. They are snail-like shellfish, small and dark coloured. These are fresh boiled winkles and are a real treat!You need a pin or cocktail stick to pick out the winkles from the shells – that’s the winklepicker, after which fashionable shoes are still called! Dip the winkle in mayonnaise or melted butter – good with brown bread and butter, or just on their own.

Try these other old-fashioned shellfish as well -whelks and cockles.

Periwinkles or winkles – a recipe:

Make an old-fashioned winkle sandwich, add them to a salad or just eat them sprinkled with vinegar. There’s more about how to cook and eat winkles here.

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Winkles - popular shellfish in the fishmongers!

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